Our Makers

We introduce our fabulous artisan makers and artists:

Anna Palamer Designs (Prints & Giftware),  Ash the Wood (Wood Craft),  Broadlands Design (Wooden Sculpture), EMOSIWN (Japanese Enamel Jewellery),  Fallow Deer Ceramics, Hatton Willow,  J.D.Pepp (Art and Illustration),

Judith Martin-Jones Glass Designs,  Katie Rigby Art (Visual Art),  Lisa-Marie Tann (Ceramics),  Lynda Shell Textiles,

Mari Wirth Papercut Art,  Matico (Interiors and Jewellery),  Punch Press (Paints and Prints)Rachel Cod (Ceramic Jewellery),

Rhian Kate (Jewellery),  Robyn Cove Pottery,  Ruth Packham (Felt Art and Textile),  Ryland Pottery,

Sian Lester (Natural Dyed Textiles and Jewellery), ssquaredesigns (Upcycled Crafts and Jewellery) & Stijl Needle Felting

Anna PalAmar designs

Anna Palamar's work is heavily inspired by flora and fauna. She creates in a range of different styles - from sophisticated botanical patterns to cute and quirky animal illustrations.  She separates her hand drawn designs into a stencils and screen print them by hand.

Her aim is to create gifts that will bring joy to everyday life and to make her customers feel special by owning unique, individually made treasures.

Website : https://www.annapalamardesigns.com/

Instagram : @annapalamardesigns

Facebook : Anna Palamar
Etsy : PalamarDesigns


Based in Cardiff, Wales, Ash has been a wood turner for many years. He is self-taught and uses traditional tools and techniques to produce a variety of work. This includes bowls, vases, pens, tool handles, candlesticks and salt & pepper mills.


Everything is made from locally sourced, sustainable wood. He creates unique pieces using a combination of decorative carving, colour and specialist finishes.


Etsy : AshTheWood

Instagram : @ashthewood

Facebook : Rockster Pens

Website: Rockster Pens

Broadlands Design

Jane Soden's work is based on natural forms such as flower heads, shells, crustaceans and insects.

The intricate designs are laser cut.

She has created a range of items that are both seasonal and for all year round use.


Some of the pieces are ornamental, some are functional.


Yukiko Wilson, originally from Tokyo, is a Cardiff based jewellery designer and maker whose practice is in Shippo (enamel), one of the old artisan crafts of Japan.

Born to a family running a traditional handcrafted kimono business, she has always been familiar with the heritage of Japanese design, often representing lucky symbols or seasonal motifs that continue to have an almost spiritual hold over Japanese people and are still very much part of the current artisan tradition.  She also finds inspiration in the natural and historic landscape of the places she visits and Wales.

Website : https://www.emosiwn.com/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/emosiwn/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emosiwn/


Fallow Deer Ceramics

Harriet McCormick creates a range of ceramic homeware pieces such as bowls, bottles, wall pieces, animal figures as well as brooches and necklace pendants, each one of her products are individually hand-crafted and finished with a wonderful array of designs, patterns and prints.
Every product she makes is inspired by a wonderful mixture of little ‘nick-nacks’ found on her quests through the world of antique and charity shops, coupled with her love of the natural world, animals are regularly appearing in her current work and she's forever exploring new ideas and concepts.

Website : www.fallowdeerceramics.com

Instagram : @fallowdeerceramics

Facebook : FallowDeerCeramics


Sarah Hatton of Hatton Willow has been creating high quality willow baskets for the past 11 years. She is a qualified basketmaker and is very passionate about the heritage craft of willow weaving. She grows her own willow and, along with willow from Somerset, produces willow baskets and various Christmas items using this sustainable material.

Sarah creates a variety of work including contemporary and traditional baskets. She uses different techniques and weaves in her work to produce attractive and eye catching baskets. She also produces smaller Christmas items that are perfect during the Christmas season.

Website : https://hattonwillow.co.uk

Instagram : @hattonwillow

Facebook : Hatton Willow

Twitter : @HattonWillow


Jade Peplar makes high quality art prints, postcards and greeting cards with floral/ botanical motifs. All of her images are collaged from old magazines and digitally 'tweeked' to create the designs.

At the moment she is being to get samples made of silks scarves and various fabrics.

She currently has a design being put into production with the store Fatface, in stores from Spring 2020.

Instagram : @jadepeplar

Website : https://www.jadepeplar.com




Judith martin-jones glass

Judith's main inspirations come from the natural world of seascapes and gardens. She particularly loves the three-dimensional qualities of kiln-formed glass and specialise in scenes and plaques each one of which is a unique piece of glass art.


Judith is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and has exhibited in the Washington Gallery, Penarth Pavilion, Y Galleri and currently sells her work from the Artisans' Corner in Penarth.  In 2016 she was selected to make trophies for the Welsh National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny.


Website : http://www.judithjonesglassdesigns.co.uk/

Facebook : Judith Martin-Jones Glass Designs

Katie Rigby Art

Katie Rigby is a Visual Artist and full-time Specialist Teacher of the Deaf. Inspired by the striking landscape of the Rhondda and Cynon Valleys, Exploring the Rhondda And Cynon Valleys, doing my ‘day job’, my journeys map this unique landscape which provides my inspiration and fascination.

There is ‘the process’; drawing and painting, collage, print resist and image transfer techniques; playing with colours and materials, texture and line, and maybe a little gold leaf!

Instagram : @katierigbyart

Facebook : Katie Rigby

Twitter : @katierigbyart

Lisa-Marie Tann

Lisa-Marie's work is always inspired by nature; landscape, seascape, and plant life. Usually her immediate surroundings give her inspiration, especially when out walking.


She loves the spontaneity and unpredictability of clay and glazes and often fire found objects in with the work.


She enjoys combining imagery with the ceramic surface, sometimes she fires images of my collages and drawings onto the clay, also fragments of her photographs.

Website : www.lisa-marietann.co.uk

Instagram : @lisamarietann

Twitter : @lisa_tann


Lynda Shell is a textile designer making handmade bags & purses. Her journey began at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, where in 2004 I was awarded a first class BA Honours degree in Contemporary Textile Practice.

She draws inspiration for my designs from historical artefacts. She photographs interesting abstract details and textures and develop them into contemporary patterns through a process of computer manipulation.  Each product is hand made using a combination of and high quality & durable fabrics, such as leather, Irish linen & wool. She uses a variety of techniques to create her designs such as silkscreen printing, free machine embroidery and hand stitch. Many designs are then further embellished with beading and buttons to add individuality and textural interest.

Website : www.lyndashelltextiles.co.uk

Instagram : @lyndashelltextiles​

Facebook : Lynda Shell Textiles


Originally from Japan, Mari Wirth is a paper-cut artist, illustrator and graphic designer, based in Penarth.

‘Light and Shadow’, this is a fundamental element of my papercut artwork.  Her artwork is narrative, inspired by the flora and fauna. The local Welsh meadows, hedgerows, woodland and coasts are her treasure box to give me inspirations.

The original images are also used as stencils to create screen prints on paper and fabric, and laser-cut pieces and other digital graphic work.

Website : https://mariwirthpapercutart.com

Instagram : @maritreeleaf

Facebook : Mari Wirth - TreeLeaf

Twitter : @mari_treeleaf

Etsy : mTreeLeaf


Mati Roberts has always been interested in travelling and exploring new places.  She makes unique pieces with the fabrics collected from allover the world.  

Mati feels passionately about helping others and would like her business to help fund various projects both abroad and in the UK.  By buying Matico pieces you are supporting jobs and traditions, in countries whose textile industry is in dramatic decline, whilst also helping to fund the development of a school in Ghana.

Matico Studio uses beautiful fabrics, collected from countries whose textile industries are in dramatic decline, to create colourful, bold and modern fabric interiors and sustainable, statement jewellery from the fabric offcuts.

Website : www.maticostudio.com

Instagram : @maticostudio

Facebook : Matico Studio

Etsy : Matico Studio


Punch Press is a collaboration between painter and printmaker Eleanor Whiteman and Bookmaker Maeve Heath. They are small scale makers and so our collections are always evolving and have also included textile and ceramic work.

Eleanor enjoys using different techniques in my practice including painting, lino and wood cut, etching and mono printing.

She is a member of Cardiff Print Workshop, where she has access to a traditional printing press, but most of her work is done in her studio where she burnishes the majority of her prints by hand. She enjoys the process and the control over the final image this allows her.

Website : eleanorwhiteman.com

Instagram : @eleanor_whiteman


Rachel is a ceramic jewellery making tiny wearable sculptures in porcelain finished on sterling silver in Cardiff since 2015. She has a love for nature and dainty detail, which she likes to think is visible in her jewellery.

Every piece is completely hand crafted and painted so no piece is every the same as another. Her most popular collections are her sleepy animal necklaces and her magical little mer-animal necklaces.

Website : www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RachelCoddCeramics

Instagram : @rachelcoddceramics

Facebook : Rachel Codd


Rhian Kate was set up in late 2016 by the designer and maker Rhian Morris. Rhian has a real passion for jewellery making by exploring new ways to make unique contemporary jewellery. The jewellery is handmade with inspiration from the solar system with our signature being our ‘Moons’ which are made from pewter, that all have a completely unique texture on each one.


The aim is to make completely unique jewellery that each piece is truly special as there are no two of the same even if it’s the same design.


Website : https://www.rhiankate.co.uk/

Instagram : @Rhian Kate

Facebook : Rhian Kate Contemporary Jewellery

Twitter : @RhianKateMakes


Robyn Cove is a potter making functional wares. She received BA(hons) Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2008. From her home studio in Cardiff she makes pottery that captures a rustic warmth with full forms and contemporary surface designs.


She displays her work in shows, galleries and exhibitions across the UK and internationally. Her work is held in permanent public collections as well as notable private collections.

Website : https://robyncovepottery.wordpress.com/

Instagram : @robyncovepottery

Facebook : Robyn Cove Pottery

Twitter : @RaggedRobyn

Etsy : RobynCovePottery


Ruth is an artist/maker living in Borth, a small seaside village in West Wales.

Ruth uses a combination of wet and needle felting techniques to create quirky pieces inspired by the natural world.

Ruth uses only British wool fibre in her work and prefers to use Cambrian mountain wool fibre as much as possible.

Ruth has created a series of needle felting kits to share the needle felting love.

Website : http://ruthpackham.com/

Instagram : @RuthElizabethPackham

Facebook : Ruth Packham, Art

Twitter : @PackhamRuth

Ryland Pottery

Glyn Ryland's work is about handmade pots made with heart for the home.

He knows that objects made by hand, with care and spirit add to the quality of life of the person using them.

Glyn works to create pots which resonate with people and which enhance daily life with the design, care and craft evident in their creation.

To see a good pot made with the heart and soul of the maker in use in a home never fails to warm his heart.

Website : www.rylandpottery.co.uk

Instagram : @potterybyglyn

Facebook : Ryland Pottery

Twitter : @canonF4


From her studio in West Wales, Sian Lester works as a freelance textile designer and artist. She creates original textile designs, which successfully sell worldwide within the home furnishing and fashion industry. Alongside her designs, Sian works as an artist creating one off art pieces in the form of hangings and panels.

She has an eclectic style, which brings together her rustic Welsh and exotic Malaysian roots.

At present, Sian is developing my love of natural dyes by attending courses and experimenting at home with plant dyes.

Website : http://www.sianlester.com/

Instagram : @sianlester

Facebook : Sian Lester


Suzanne Curran's work is made from recycling materials, which are sourced very specifically by her.


Spoon and knife jewellery is very different to the other cutlery jewellery as her work is hammered.  She makes recycled coffee bag bags, all individually and uniquely lined. Coffee bag and fabric clocks are made from recycled materials and long player records.


Suzanne also makes bespoke mosaic buttocks and busts from recycled china and Kutani porcelain.

Website : https://www.ssquareddesigns.co.uk/

Instagram : @ssquareddesigns32

Stijl Needle Felting

Bernadette Gardner uses British core and merino wool to needle felt the decorative animals and toadstools.


Once she has decided what to make, she starts needle felting by rolling up a small amount of wool and stabbing it with the barbed needle.  When the wool is stabbed with the felting needle it pulls the wool into itself.  Continued stabbing and turning results in a firm shape. Once there is a basic shape to start with wool is added where it is needed to form a sculpture to make standing animals more steady or posable, she sometimes uses pipe cleaners for support.

Instagram : @stijl.needle.felting

Facebook : Stijl - Needle felting by Bernadette